The Irrevocable Testament of Evy Stone Reinmann

A Serial Fiction Project

This story has been pieced together from a journal found in a foot locker in the attic of the estate of Miss Wilhelmina Stone. Evy Stone Reinmann was Wilhelmina’s niece, and lived with Wilhelmina at the Larkspur Lake estate from 1922 until 1936. Along with Evy’s journal, which she titled The Irrevocable Testament of Evy Stone Reinmann, a cheap, blue composition book littered with postcards and letters between the pages was found.

Lovers' Lane on Larkspur Lake, 
Postcard Circa 1934

I’ve tried to assemble the story of Evy’s life in 1935, to describe to my best ability Idlewood Park, and the woods and paths and rock walls surrounding Larkspur Lake at a time when it was somehow bustling with growth and laughter amidst the backdrop of the Great Depression. I’ve taken it all from Evy’s journal and the blue notebook (at some points it was better to let the journal and notebook speak for themselves) and the postcards and internet research, as Idlewood Park suffered fire after devastating fire and was eventually completely demolished around the turn of the century. The five thousand square foot home on Larkspur still stands, inhabited but in need of repair. As the neighborhood around it deteriorated after the fall of the steel industry, and subsequently Idlewood Park, it’s value dropped and it was sold for a mere one-hundred-thirty thousand dollars earlier this year. 

There is something haunting about things abandoned which once held so much life, and things forgotten which still have a story to tell.

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